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Another Pair of Problematic Word Pairs

A Historical Reference?  AN Historical Reference?

More on the Suspensive Hyphen
(Guest Article By Thomas J. Scott)

The Loyal Apposition

Introductory Adverbial Elements II. c.  Adverb Clauses

Control Your "Self": The Proper Use of Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns

All Right! All Right! I'll Write About Why It's "Alwrong"!

How to Correct a Fused Sentence

Commas with Compound Sentences

Quotation Marks: Where Do the Periods and Commas Go--And Why?

Faulty Parallelism with Coordinate Elements: Short, Simple Version

Prefer Simple Tenses over Progressive Tenses

A Hyphen is NOT a Dash

It Is NOT "All of THE Sudden"!

Nonfinite Verb Forms (Verbals)

If You Can't Decide Whether to Choose "Whether" or "If"--Read This Article

Active vs. Passive Voice
(This link  will take you to my "Essay, I Say" website.)

Mrs. Malaprop Lives

Don't Use "Him" or "Her" as the Subject of a Clause

Learn the Difference Between "Than'"and "Then"

What Is an Interjection, and How Do I Punctuate It?

Commas with Contrasted Coordinate Elements

Compound (Coordinate) Sentence Elements Usually Are NOT Separated by a Comma

Shibboleth Alert: Use "Like" Only as a Preposition, NOT as a Conjunction

Using "A" or "An" with Acronyms

Hardly Anything You will Ever Need to Speak or Write About Actually Comes in Tons

THE Number IS; A Number ARE

"TOE the Line," NOT "TOW the Line"

What Does "Begging the Question" Really Mean?

Suffrage GOOD; Suffering BAD

Possessives Precede Gerunds

Learn the Difference Between "Populace" and "Populous"

More on When to Use "Who" and "Whom"

Get the Lead Out!

Punctuating Words Used as Words, or Words Used in a Special Way

Using Commas with Direct Address

"Empirical" vs. "Imperial": A Pair of WordsThat Really Should NOT Be Confused

Don't Confuse "Utmost" with "Upmost"

Learn the Difference between "Ascribe" and "Subscribe"

You've Got Another THINK Coming!

Don't Use "So" as a Vague Intensifier

The Last Verb in a Verb Phrase Must Be a Participle

Don't Use the Past Participle as the Predicate of a Clause

Avoid "Anyways"

Comma Usage: Restrictive vs. Nonrestrictive Relative Clauses

Parenthetical Elements: Use a COMPLETE SET of Commas or Dashes
to Enclose an Interrupter

Another Confusing Word Pair: You DEFUSE a SItuation--You Don't DIFFUSE It

"They Spoke English Better than He":  Pronoun Case with
Elliptical Clauses of Comparison

Please, DON'T Spell "Disdain" as "Distain"!

Subjunctive Mood

Subject-Verb Agreement with Intervening Nouns

Yet Another Article about When to Use "Who" and "Whom"

A Response to Readers Who Still Insist That Prepositions
Must Never Be Used at the Ends of Sentences

Using Commas with Dates

Using Commas with Geographical (Place) Names

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